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Throughout her career, Mujde has worked with amazing cast and crew. Heres what they had to say about her

"Full of fire and passion, combined with an undeniable physicality and a keen sense of the importance of the text" - Tony James - Director and Practitioner 

"Fearless and exciting, Mujde is bold and engaging on stage" - Jade Allen - Director, Practitioner, Actress

"As a faculty we are unanimous in our praise of Mujde's ability, commitment and passion as an actor" - Teaching Staff at Arts Educational

"Mujde is disciplined, compassionate and mature displaying intelligence and a professional work ethic. She is a natural actress and belongs on the stage in front of an audience" - Theresa Hayes - Managing Director of American Academy - Los Angeles

"Mujde is a striking and engaging performer, she takes direction well and isn't afraid to make bold choices" - Laurence Greiner - Director, Theatre Practitioner, Actor

"She has a wealth of human experience to draw upon when rehearsing. She does this with wonderful insight and empathy allowing her to create organic and vivid characters. It is an incredibly industrious approach. One of Mujde's best qualities is a willingness to throw herself into each and every task 100%, she has a courage and curiosity that will only result in her constantly improving as a performer" - Edward Hulme - Director, Practitioner, Actor

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