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about me

Height: 5"5   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

I'm a Turkish Cypriot Female from South London who has been in the business for around 30 years. I have been lucky enough to perform in some of the most prestige theatres in London's West End, Disney Land Paris, been involved in hundreds of TV Programmes & Hollywood Films as a background artist, walk on and feature. Below are some of the highlights, if you wish to see my full resume which includes my musical theatre history, please send me an email.


Film & Television

Netflix  |  Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1  |  Feature

BBC 3 and BBC America  |  Mood  |  Humaira  |  Feature

23 Half Films  |  The Underpass (TV Pilot) | Nila  |  Feature

Chipped Production  |  Addicts Anonymous (TV Pilot)  | Mel Therapist  |  Feature

Plan B Entertainment  |  World War Z  |  Solider  |  Feature

BBC  |  Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle  |  PA  |  Feature

ITV  |  The Bill  |  Solicitor  |  Feature

BBC  |  Eastenders  |  Police Officer  |  Feature


Liz  |  That Almost Unnameable Lust  |  Lead Actress


Mary  |  Consensual  |   Lead Actress

Beatrice   |  Much Ado About Nothing  |  Lead Actress

Ismene  |  Antigone  |  Lead Actress

R.Paris & Abigail Williams  |  The Cruicible  |   Supporting Actress

Philip  |  Orphans  |  Lead Actress

Cinderella  |  Cinderella  |  Lead Actress

Mother Mary  |  Sister Act  |  Supporting Actress

Paulina   |  Death and the Maiden  |  Lead Actress

Woman   |  4.48 Psychosis   |  Supporting Actress


Turkish Woman  |  Coca Cola  |  Somesuch  |  Walk On

Online & Multimedia

Sylvia  |  I'd Totally Do Him  |  Kanata Productions  |  Lead Actress

Girl  |  Instagram  |  Kanata Productions  |  Lead Actress

Girlfriend  |  Charlie  |  Kanata Productions  |  Lead Actress

Training & Workshops

Rose Bruford   |   APT   |   Tony James

Arts Educational School   |   Acting   |   Edward Hulme

American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Los Angeles   |   Acting, Acting to Camera, Musical Theatre & Stage Combat   |   Judith Bohannon and Theresa Hayes

Step Up Music Theatre School | Singing, Dancing & Acting | Stacey Williams & Nathalie Richardson

Movie Martial Arts | Stage Combat, Fight Choreography & Fireams in TV/Film

Special Skills

Accents: South London, General Northern, General American, Californian


Driving: Full Clean Driving Licence, Police Driver


Dance: Basic: Line Dance, Salsa Intermediate: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Dancehall Advanced: Street, Hip-Hop, Tap Club, Urban, Musical Theatre.

Dance Teacher Qualifications - IDTA


Singing: Top A - Bottom G Soprano, Pop, RnB, Musical Theatre, Rap, MC'er, Singer/Songwriter


Miscellaneous: Level 1 Fight Choreography, Martial Arts and Firearms Training and usage; Guns; Rubber Gun, H+K USP, Walther CP88, Glock 17, Israeli Desert Eagle, M16 A4. Bike Riding, Weight Lifting, Running (Sprint & Long Distance), Swimming, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, Aerobics, Aerobics/Dance/Singing Teacher, Touching Typing, Policing Skills, TV Presenting. 

Download Full Resume
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